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La Barra de Santiago is a beautiful beach in El Salvador, which lies south of the municipality of Jujútla, department of Ahuachapán. It has a large area of preserved mangrove (approximately 2,000 acres) where you can see seven species of mangrove, and a variety of native and migratory birds. In "La Barra" as this beach is known locally, is full of wildlife. You can see all the marine life, lizards,iguanas, shells, crocodiles and even blue crabs. La Barra de Santiago is home to many endangered species such as four of the seven species of sea turtles in the world.

La Barra de Santiago has its own legend called "Chasca". This popular belief is narrated as Chasca, the goddess of fishing, a beautiful and charming princess who fell in love with Prince Acayet. The girl's father called Pachacuet ordered to kill the suitor; when he was killed, Chasca was inconsolable and launched herself in the deep pool of Barra de Santiago and never heard from her again. However, on certain nights she appears paddling a white canoe, which is a sign of good fishing.